Our Philosophy on Volunteerism

Volunteering at Ghoomakad, opens a world of possibilities to grow and thrive as an activist, academic and/or global citizen. Our Team works diligently to challenge volunteers to think beyond the realms of their perception. With this approach, our volunteers gain a deeper comprehension of the social determinants present in rural communities of India.

Ghoomakad also recognizes the fundamental importance of bridging the gap between local and rest of the world. Volunteers coming from various background have the unique opportunity to participate in cross-cultural learning. Interaction between local and international volunteers facilitates a knowledge exchange. Ghoomakad along with each individual volunteer gain new perspectives regarding the skills and resources required to meet the needs of the community. Furthermore, each volunteer brings unique skills and expertise to complement Ghoomakad hard-working staff and ongoing work.

Getting Involved

Ghoomakad runs a diverse array of programs that focus on issues ranging from youth empowerment to organic farming and technology practices. The programs reach people in surrounding villages in the Kangra District. Ghoomakad is committed to facilitating a comfortable and friendly learning environment for all interns and volunteers. We simply ask that you come with an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to challenge yourself and the local people.

 Volunteers may be involved in a range of capacities in any of our three major programs:

  •  Co- working and Co-learning

For Technology Workers 
So far, many technology workers – Web developers, designers, coders, ML & AI professionals have visited this place, used it as their co-working space to create and collaborate, in a creative environment. The new-found freedom that they get here as compared to the cubicles of the urban offices, has had a very positive impact on their lives in general, and work in particular.

From the very beginning of the project, Ghoomakad was intended to bring people together and to give them a space to exchangeideas and build friendships and co-operations.

We realized this through, a now well established, co-working-space. Local IT-students as well as freelancers and so called "digital nomads" gather here and realize joint projects. The advantage for local students is, that they don’t have to migrate to big cities to make their living and that they are exposed to other students from all over the world. For visitors it is an opportunity to benefit of the collaboration with locals and the existing structures of the space while enjoying a live in nature right beneath the impressive foothills of the Himalaya.

  • Organic and natural farming
In simplest terms, we at Ghoomakad are into the production of food, fruits and other plant products using organic farming and permaculture techniques that protect the environment, public health and human communities.

We also encourage patrons who stay with us to inculcate this into their lives or spread awareness about these farming techniques. The study of relationships between organisms and their environment is what all sustainable farming is about. We have total ‘zero’ dependence on the buy seeds, fertilizers and other equipment from the market. The food produced as such is highly nutritional and chemical free.
The organic farm provides the collective with healthy food and is an example for organic and sustainable agriculture in the village. One of Ghoomakads projects is to help the villagers setting up individual and organic kitchen-gardens. Especially young and local farmers are interested and through this project they have the chance to cooperate in buying seeds, seeding, harvesting and even selling their products. An aim is also to benefit from several governmental aids, programs and trainings which are offered to organic farmer cooperatives.
  • Ghoomakad Rasoi a community kitchen
The Ghoomakad Rasoi is a community kitchen for visitors as well as locals. Therefore it offers a space for all kinds of different people to sit together, eat, have conversations and socialize.

The food which is served here is cooked with local and organic ingredients. But the most important aspect is, that we take a step back from the Chinese and Western food by which India seems to be flooded and serve local dishes in their original form. Therefore we did a great deal of research within the community and put together a big collection of traditional recipes. This is also an opportunity for some of the unemployed local cooks, who were driven off the market by Maggi and Momos. 

  •  Upcoming project – Remote Ghoomakad ( A paradise in nature)
Remote Ghoomakad is a place in the lap of Himalaya’s snow covered mountains in the dhaludhar range. The site is surrounded with thick forest full of life, nature and gifted by a river of Himalaya in the Rawa village of kareri, Distt Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India.


To evolve a remote stay opportunity for the nature lovers, who would like to stay far away from busy, crowded and polluted environment and day to day stress full life in modern living style.

The Place will have number of small huts, build out of natural material such as mud, stone and bamboos. Where people can live and practice yoga meditation, self exploration and self development.


To create sustainability and employment in the society through existing resources and skills of the local people, we introduce the eco tourism, organic farming, skill development and local resource exploration. So the society can grow self sustainably and help others in various ways.


Information on these programs is available in the projects section and the events they do is available in past events. www.ghoomakad.com/Projects+Upcoming



Although Ghoomakad supports volunteers in locating accommodation and facilitates language acquisition, volunteers at the Ghoomakad must assume all subsidized costs associated with living in the premises.